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BtVS drabble: The Magicless Bullet
restless, giles, anya
Char: Willow
Warnings: reference to canonical character death
Disclaimer: not mine
Thanks to: angearia and somebraveapollo for reading this ahead of time.

Somewhere deep, she probably started believing it the moment the glass broke.

It wasn’t until later that it became conscious.  Maybe when she froze time around Warren’s mechanical doodad, or stopped the spider demon in mid-air.

There’s no way.  She couldn’t have known Warren would be outside, or predicted that improbable trajectory.  She wasn’t even watching.  And, hello, abstinence!  Even with her full attention and powers, it’d be arrogant to think she….

Years afterward, though, she would still awake in a cold sweat, lightning crackling between her fingers, thinking:

If only she’d been ready, she could have stopped the bullet.

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This makes me think about Willow in ToYL and this sense of her prescience and seeking to alter the past. If she wouldn't start to wish for prescience.

Right, yes. And the idea of having all this power and not only can you not stop death, you can't stop the wholly random element of death. Jenny died because she was working on restoring Angel's soul and she was targeted. Joyce has a tumour in her brain that develops and develops.

It's not quite "It's not who dies, but who kills them," but there is something in "It's not who dies, but how."

Lovely. I really like your Willow's voice and I like how Willow tortures herself after years, it seems very IC for her.

Thanks, and yes -- it's not a desire to torture herself, but it's always going to be there.


Great little character piece, and the dawning horror - all the trickeries of what Willow should or shouldn't do, what power she should or shouldn't have or strive for, boiled into a split second.

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Yes. And you know -- it's funny, I watched SR over a decade ago, and the idea that Willow's realization that her *abstinence*, mostly for Tara's benefit, contributes to her death just occurred to me when I wrote this. I'm sure it would have hit Willow a lot earlier. ;) For all the "letting go" she does, a part of her will probably always be frozen in that moment of death, which she could/couldn't have stopped. "We can't control the universe," correctly says Buffy, but you can't just stand by a nonparticipant either....

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Interesting little ficlet, and very believable.

lightning crackling between her fingers


OOOOOH, I like this a lot.

You know, for someone who never really "got" Willow - I'm really easily roped in by you. ;-)

;-) Whether you "got/get" her or not in the in-the-gut way, I think you do very well thinking/talking about her. [I wrote pretty, but that was me understating to avoid seeming too effusive, sometimes I do the laconic thing.]

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Years afterward, though, she would still awake in a cold sweat, lightning crackling between her fingers, thinking:

OUCH. Just- so much pain distilled in so few words, I feel like I'm inside her skin. You make me remember why I loved Willow originally.

Thank you :) and glad I could help to jog the memory.

Rewatches have helped greatly; I watched three eps from S1-2 yesterday; I'd forgotten how often poor Willow is shunted aside or ignored by Xander, and how she gazes at him longingly, but then puts him in his place - gently - in PG. (Probably for the best in the end but I winced every time it happened.)

Here from buffyversetop5

Oh -- alternately sad and scary.

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