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I'm so happy this exists.

Spike's part is so my favorite. But then also Angel's hilarious. I love it all.

<3 This is, incredibly, my longest fic yet. lolwut? how did that happen? I could have Angel and Spike drama queening for pages and pages.

Spike's part is really funny, especially when he thinks that Angel is talking to the First. Angel's part is just hilarious!

Thank you! I love the idea that Spike and Angel would even be jealous of each other getting the First's attention. :P

Is he talking to the First? Is the First talking to him, because he should stop stealing the things I’m doing because really it’s not fair for him to waltz in and start talking to MY FIRST

That's when I had to wipe the tears from my eyes.

I haven't watched AtS so I didn't know if Angel's voice at the beginning was "true" to him or not - and then he started obsessing on the damn buttons and I lost it (in a good way). Definitely captures the "it's not really about Buffy at all" vibe. Yes, Buffy they really are twelve, if that.

I can see that you’re a jerk! No. That’s no good. Wait, am I actually mumbling these out loud? No, I can’t give myself away before I’ve got a good opening line.

*lol* Here's hoping your muse strikes again!

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! The Angel part is hilarious.

Behind every dramatic entrance is a long period of waffling :)

I could have Angel and Spike drama queening for pages and pages.

Yes, please!


Sadly, despite my comment, inspiration only strikes now and again. But I'll keep the fact that there's interest in mind if I do get inspired for more preening. :)

I hope she’s not dating him. She probably is.


Angel deciding how many buttons to unbutton - double heee!

And there's not enough heee! in the world for Angel trying to come up with a good pun. Poor Spike.

I could imagine an alternate version in which the First Evil whispers a better pun into Angel's ear, one which Spike could never top and which drives him permanently mad with jealousy.

Love it - especially Angel. Such a wanker...

And Spike, being just as petty.

Thanks! And yup, definitely....

LOLOLOL SATAN BLESS. I can't decide if Spike or Angel is more hilarious. They're both so dumb! <3 My favorite part is probably Angel shading Wesley for not shaving. And calling himself Angelcakes. Vomit.

That is my favourite part too about Wesley, ngl.

So funny. Angel deciding about the buttons. Ha!

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