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Thanks! :D

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I truly repent about that time last week I tried to cut your head off when you came as Catherine of Aragon

ahahaha, IT WOULD.

He was a little jealous -- the First never sang to him.

Psychopaths are such needy brats!

They all want to blow up the school, LOL.

"A simple phrase, admittedly enhanced with a little of the mystical mojo you gave your lackey. 'I hereby bless all the waters in the sky today,'" Buffy said, smiling. "Did you know that any priest can make holy water?"

Entertaining and strategically brilliant!

Psychopaths are such needy brats!

Yep! Soo not fair!


Oh that's pure genius!

Whee sounds like spinning. I'm dizzy! In a good way.

I love it, especially Caleb always punching the First Evil in the face because he mistakes it for Buffy!

Thanks! I love the idea of Caleb getting confused every time the First shows up.

it ain't bad theology if it works!

A+ fic idea tbh. Much as I love the finale, it needs some good shading.

He was a little jealous -- the First never sang to him.

IKR? I love season seven, but it is also kind of ridiculous and (Andrew aside) the characters are too serious in s7 to spend the appropriate amount of time pointing this out. Maybe this fic is a cross between shading and lampshading. :)

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