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I saw this yesterday! But was too tired to comment. And am sadly still not really up for analysis myself, but ofc I really like what you say on the subject. The idea of sex as expressing identity is fascinating (especially given the vampire thing).

Thanks, yo. I'm not in a super analysis-y mode right now, but this popped out at me. ("Oh, for a better choice of words." - Giles)

ooooh, yes, that's a great way to put it, that sex on BtVS is about finding and expressing oneself. In that way, I think it's a wonderful antidote to a lot of toxic narratives about sexuality, which of course focus on the idea of "losing" one's innocence/virginity (whatever that even is)/value. Particularly with Buffy's wonderful moment in Becoming - what's left is "me."

This was an interesting read, you did a great job addressing the subject-matter within a coherent philosophical/thematic framework.

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