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Short Fic: Hanukkah Present
restless, giles, anya

Char and rating: Willow, Buffy/Angel, PG-13: sexual content, bondage, some Angel mocking.

Genre: Comedy.

Notes: Not my ship usually, but I had this idea I couldn’t resist.  Hopefully you like it.  Happy holiday season!

Takes place: Post-NFA, not comics continuity.

Summary: Buffy and Angel are a couple sometime post-series.  Willow has arranged for what she hopes will be the perfect holiday present.

Words: around 275.

Disclaimer: All character and the like are owned by Mutant Enemy and other organizations, to none of which I belong.

“You’ve got the chains and everything?” Willow asked.  “I mean, it’s not that I don’t think you can hold your own—”

“I’ll be fine, Will,” Buffy responded. “And I’ve got the gag, too.  He won’t even be shouting obscenities at me.  He might incoherently mumble.  You sure you’re up for this?”

“Oh, hey, c’mon Buff.  First spell, here.  No sweat.  No saliva, even, or any bodily fluids, um, no fluids of me that is.”  She caught herself before sputtering on. “And Angel is fine with it?”

“Not at first,” Buffy said.  “But I convinced him eventually.  Thanks, this is really above and beyond.”

Willow smiled.  “Hey, what are besties for?  I’ll be right outside.”

Buffy went inside the room where Angel was.  Willow sat down, opened a book, tried to drown out sounds next door, and was about to get settled into a reading groove.  Suddenly Buffy walked back into the room, hair disheveled, a tiny bit disappointed.  There was angry, evil-sounding murmuring coming from the other room.

Willow checked her watch.  Already?  Buffy noticed the gesture and sighed a tiny sigh.  “Well, it was good for him, I guess.  You gonna re-curse?”

“Lickety-split,” Willow responded.  "Not dead, nor not of the living," she began.

A few minutes later, Buffy went in and unlocked Angel's chains and took the gag out of his mouth.  “Sorry,” said Angel.  “We should maybe have found some restraints for Angelus that are a little less….”

“Yeah, I know.  A little less your thing,” Buffy responded.  “Well, I'm sure there's a way to keep you a little unhappy for a little longer next time.  And we can try again.  I mean, Willow owes me a birthday present soon….”


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This is the problem with collaborative gifts, you know. Willow had planned it out awesomely, but Angel didn't hold up his end of the deal.

So to speak!

So to speak :P. Well, he did, just, you know, not as long as expected. I wonder what a better set of restraints to use are. Maybe a numbing mystical restraint of some sort?

I wanna say "shock collar", but I don't suppose that would help with Angel's problem.

Oh. My. Goddess! You did not write a Buffy/Angel/Angelus fic from Willow's POV! Actually, if anyone could write this from Willow's pov and make me ok with THAT pairing, you're the one to do it! (Other than snowpuppies, of course.) And make Buffy/Angelus funny? That takes skill, baby.

Glad you enjoyed! I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to leave Willow POV at the end of the story -- but I think the last Buffy/Angel exchange is worth it. :)

The first time I ever heard of Buffy/Angelus a few months back my initial response was "There are people who ship THAT? Seriously?" (That's still my response, actually.) I'm talking about when it's done straight, of course, but when it's written wryly or ironically as you've done (or realistically in terms of trauma, as snowpuppies did) then I can genuinely enjoy it.

And honestly, I'm more than burned out on Spuffy fics right now, so this was a bit of a treat. And yes, that line made it all worthwhile, you made the right choice, I don't think it could have been told any other way except through Willow, or at least it feels that way in how you wrote it.

It's funny how the things (Passages, etc) that feel "natural" to readers are most often the things the authors puzzle, ponder and struggle over the most, or so it seems in my experience.

LOOOOOL. Of course the chains would cause a problem. Poor Buffy. Her bad birthday curse is spreading to Christmas too.

Yes! But fortunately, while a disappointment, this problem seems a little more reparable with patience and practice. :P


This is simply obscene, tbh. I am amused slash horrified.

Write more crack.

This is simply obscene, tbh. I am amused slash horrified.

Write more crack.



Thanks for holiday sweets! Write MOAR!!! :)

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