Fic: Life Without Buffy (BtVS)
Introductory note: on Buffyforums, there's a season three rewatch and I'm writing a bit about Dead Man's Party. To try to get into the POVs of the Sunnydale characters, I wrote this.

I'm doing well in general, but I'm still fragile -- so if you don't like it, well, you know, be gentle! I include this disclaimer (and would prefer not to link to *this* version, though linking to the AO3 version is okay should I post it there) because I know how divisive this episode is, even if I'm only talking about it glancingly.

The POV style is somewhat inspired by beer_good_foamy's excellent Building Character, which is also of a much higher level of artistry and is strongly recommended.

Disclaimer: Not mine.
Takes place: Sunnydale, around the first week of school in s3, before "Dead Man's Party."
Characters: Giles, Xander, Willow, Cordelia, Joyce.
Word count: ~2500
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Fic: A Doctor, Not a Hairdresser (Star Trek)
Length: ~450 words
Series: Star Trek (original series, non-reboot continuity). Takes place at a specific point in mid-season two (which should become clear at the end of the fic).
Characters: McCoy, Spock.
Rating: G.
Warnings: None.
Disclaimers: Not mine.

McCoy’s intense concentration was interrupted when the doors to his lab swished open. He turned and, to his great displeasure, it was Spock.Collapse )
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Well, what do you know.
William B's Personality Type Results

I used to score INTJ, but I think P actually fits me more these days. I think I can even see the change in my personality. Also, I get a kick out of Data as one of the sample characters! :D

"popular" "culture" "blog"

hi all. I've been in a posting rut. okay let’s bring things up maybe I’ll keep a record of what pop culture-y things I do/did and people can read it and love me more

or less or the same whatever people can do what they like

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and also: Persona! oh Bergman. first of all, if I were more talented I would try to find a way to write Frozen/Persona meshing fic — because Elisabet and Alma have a few similarities to Elsa and Anna that need to be explored. I was actually a little shocked there was no Persona fic on ao3 — because, like, it obviously begs to have fic written for it, but of course, it’s not exactly something with a large fandom, at least not the fic-writing kind. oh god though. this time I realized how much Elisabet functions as God for Alma — how the early “conversation” about the meaning of the silence of God maps onto the way Elisabet’s silence allows Alma to use her as confessor and to find solace, and how much her anger at Elisabet has angry-at-God overtones — the loss of faith in many ways.


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Superman ethics
A friend of mine is really into DC comics these days, and he's lent me Last Son of Krypton, co-written by Richard Donner (of the movies fame). And I am enjoying it so far, but there's one moment that struck out to me and maybe defines what my notion of heroism is -- and makes me realize why it's totally unachievable for me at this moment.

Minor spoilers:

An alien boy has landed on the Earth; he seems to be Kryptonian. Superman and the government are taking care of him. Lex Luthor, naturally, wants his share, and he sends the evil Bizarro Superman to take the kid back. And as Bizarro is going in to take the kid, Superman says, "Sorry Bizarro." and as he hits him with his freeze breath, adds, "You can't have him."

It's the "sorry," that politeness, that makes Superman such a boy scout figure and what makes him, or at least this interpretation of Superman, fall somewhat out of favour today. But the basic assumption that goes into this is that it's not a thing to celebrate to hurt people even if they're evil, and even if they're *currently* evil -- but Superman is aware enough (and the situation is unambiguous enough) that he doesn't hesitate to hurt him to save a kid from being kidnapped. Obviously, in real life, situations are rarely that cut-and-dried, but the thing is, even when they are that cut-and-dried, people need to work up furious anger to hurt someone in the defense of oneself or others. I even think that anger is important...and yet, there's something I admire about the ability to get beyond that anger. Superman isn't doing good out of an emotional place, or out of hatred of his enemies, in this moment.

Whenever there's a conflict in my life, there's several points of view going at once, and I have no idea, at all, if I'm right. I mean, I can barely ever remember any times in which I felt that I was unambiguously right -- and on those occasions, I think I still handled it badly. And yet I'm always angry, and I think the reason I'm always angry is that I never know if I'm right, and so in order to build up the "courage" or whatever it is to self-advocate at all, I have to send myself into fits of anger or sadness, because it's only when I feel that I might actually break if I don't at least try to speak up that I feel like I can actually do that. Superman or Captain America, or Jean-Luc Picard or Buffy Summers much of the time, or religious figures, will acknowledge moral ambiguity, but other times they will simply know when something is right -- and that knowledge of right from wrong allows them to be even more compassionate to the people who are doing wrong, than people like me who are drowning in a sea of relativism and moral confusion.

favourite line from "Lisa's Pony"
Apu, to Homer, upon recognizing his shoddy work at the Kwik-E-Mart: "Oh, the young man you replaced is rolling over in his grave!"

Also up there: "You see, Lisa, grownups have this thing called money...."

And the immortal exchange:

   Marge: You sound like you're going to buy a pony.  Promise me you won't.
   Homer: Mm.
   Marge: What was that?  Was that a yes or a no?
   Homer: Buh!
   Marge: Those aren't even words!
   Homer: Snuh!
   Marge: Mmmmm. [turns off the light]
   Homer: [huge grin]

A Conversation About Nothing
sunclouds33 has a great post up about her favourite characters Seinfeld and, in particular, the way the group dynamic helps make George and break Elaine.  This led to a conversation that I find extremely interesting, involving the way the show's "show about nothing" "philosophy" evolved over time and the moral/philosophical consequences of that.  And the funny.  It's part of a series of posts on her favourite characters, all of which are worth reading (including some BtVS staples as well as characters from The West Wing, Mad Men and other great shows).
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Nominations + other fic news!
So, I've been nominated at the Willowy Goodness Awards!

The nominations are for "The Magicless Bullet," and also my Willow/Faith fic, "Keeping Each Other," which I wrote for tiny_white_hats' Tenth Anniversary Ficathon and which I never posted here.  That's totally weird, right?  Each is up in several categories; you can click the nominations and check out all the other excellent fics nominated too.

(I didn't vote in the nominations rounds, so I'm especially sorry to see that no one voted for beer_good_foamy's wonderful stuff.)

Which reminds me in general that I've been meaning at some point to mention that I opened an AO3 account in which I've posted several fics that I wrote only at ficathons.  Since I figure it's probably worth having a copy of them on my lj, I will now include four stories I've written previously but have never posted here, all at different comment ficathons.

Keeping Each Other, my as-of-just-now WGA-nominated fic, based on daria234's prompt "Willow/Faith or Willow&Faith, post-series they work together well, but she doesn't know what she would do if the other woman went dark."
Keeping Each Other: Willow/Faith, post-series, 488 wordsCollapse )

For penny_lane_42's Not My Ship comment ficathon back in 2012, based on pocochina's same-titled prompt, Lindsey/Darla "that old time rock 'n' roll," came:

That Old Time Rock and Roll, Lindsey/Darla, PG, 769 words, early s2Collapse )

Going way back, two fics written for catbirdfish's Women On Top Kink meme back in 2011, both based on ever_neutral's prompts.  One is a black-comedy Spike/Anya s7 pairing, the other a slightly sombrer Cordelia/Wesley post-"Graduation Day" fic.  I left them untiltled at the time and only have titles now.

An Acceptable Substitute: Spike/Anya, PG-13 or so, s7, 560 wordsCollapse )

Post-Graduation Blues, Cordelia/Wesley, shortly post-"Graudation Day," PG-13, 605 wordsCollapse )

ETA: It went so much without saying that I forgot to say it, but THANK YOU to whoever nominated me!  It is very much appreciated. :)

December talking meme!
SNAGGED FROM ever_neutral.

Pick a date below and give me a topic and I'll ramble on. I'm good at talking. It can be anything from fandom related to life related to Pepsi products suck to WHATEVER you want. :)

They will probably be brief, or not, depending on the subject.

Also, I reserve the right to decline prompts that I don't feel equipped to meet.

Topics: you can get an idea from my tags and stuff.  I also have seen a lot of classic movies.  And I know a lot about math and physics.  If you don't know whether I know about something or not, feel free to ask.

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random post
So I was just watching The Simpsons with a friend who is sadly undereducated in it, and wow. Do you realize that Season 5, Disc 1 (on the DVDs) contains:

- Homer's Barbershop Quartet (i.e. the pitch-perfect Beatles parody)
- Cape Feare (i.e. the best Sideshow Bob episode)
- Homer Goes to College (i.e. the second best of Conan O'Brien's episodes after the immortal "Marge vs. the Monorail," but not too far behind)
- Rosebud (i.e. possibly the best Mr. Burns episode and a pitch-perfect Citizen Kane parody)
- Treehouse of Horror IV (i.e. the...okay, personally I'd say SECOND best Halloween special, but still)

I mean, WHAT? I am pretty sure I have seen all five of those on top-twenty lists. I mean, that really is incredible.


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